Nitin Pandey is a renowned Cyber Security Professional who is currently working as Sr Cyber Crime and Intelligence Consultant with Uttar Pradesh Police and Coordinator, Chief Trainer (North) of CyberPeace Foundation. A Security Researcher, International Speaker, Trainer, Penetration Tester, Author, Blogger and having experience of more than one and a half decades in the field of Cyber Security. Expertise in Ethical Hacking, Information Security, Dark Web, Cyber Terrorism, Cyber Crime Investigations, Social Media Crime Investigation, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Countering Anti-National activities on Social Media Platforms, Child Safety, Cyber Safety, Women Safety, OSINT, Financial Frauds and Investigations, Anti-Human Trafficking Techniques, Sex Trafficking, CSAM which is reflected in deliverables of numerous workshops, seminars, talks & trainings among a variety of different audiences including police departments, cyber cells, intel agencies, colleges, universities, industry meets, workshops & conferences. Had been invited by Government of Russian Federation at Russian IT Synergy in 2017 & 2019, Government of Sri Lanka for National Cyber Security Awareness Campaign around 8 different cities of Sri Lanka in October, 2019 at SudoCon – Sri Lanka’s 1st own Cyber Security Conference where I trained IT Professionals, Cyber Crime Officers & Students for over 20 days. Founded Hackers Day & led Chapters of DEF CON and OWASP for over 6 years Focused on Safety and Empowerment of Women and Children. Worked & working for various Law Enforcement Agencies i.e., UP Police, Delhi Police, Sri Lanka Cyber Crime Unit, Russian Intelligence Units, CBI (Central Bureau of Investigation), Assam Police, Chhattisgarh Police, Rajasthan Police, CID, NIA (National Investigation Agency), Special Task Force (UP), ATS (Anti-Terrorist Squad, Lucknow), Ministry of Home Affairs etc. & helping them in Cyber Crime Cases & Tracking Suspects. Have delivered more than 500 talks & training sessions & trained over 2 lac people including students, corporate, state LEA agencies, intelligence agencies & govt officials. Acknowledged & appreciated by His Excellency Former Governor of UP, Former Chief Minister of UP, Ministry of IT&C - Government of Russian Federation, Ministry of IT&E - Government of India, Ministry of IT&E - Government of Sri Lanka, MHA, CBI, ATS, State Police Agencies of India, CID Assam, BPR&D & many intelligence agencies around the globe. Have also been acknowledged & listed in Hall of Fame by Tech giants such as Google, Microsoft, Dell, Intel, Belkin, Avira Antivirus, Adaware etc for finding Security bugs/loopholes in their websites & databases. You can contact him to speak at your Conferences, for Workshop Trainings, Cyber Security Consulting & Advisory Services.
Nitin is frequently quoted in various newspapers, magazines and is also listed in Hall of Fame of giant companies such as Dell, Google, Microsoft etc for finding loopholes in their website/databases.

Cyber Security is the most important aspect of our Digital infrastructure. It is neXt dimension of National Security. We know about Guerrilla Warfare. It is the evolved form of Guerrilla Warfare. There is no need of physical appearance in the cyber warfare.” ~ Nitin Pandey

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Roles Designated

  • Chief Trainer & Coordinator (North India) - CyberPeace Foundation
  • Sr Cybercrime & Intelligence Consultant - Uttar Pradesh Police Headquarters, Lucknow
  • Technical Trainer - Sharlock Institute of Forensic Sciences India (SIFS India)
  • Chairman - National Information Security Council
  • Founder - Hackers Day
  • Founder - UNITED CON
  • Chair Member - National Cyber Safety & Security Standards (NCSSS)
  • Head of Technical Committee - Digital 4n6 Journal
  • Advisor - Department of IT&C, Amity University Lucknow Campus
  • Consultant - GPPSM
  • Former Chapter Leader - DEFCON Lucknow
  • Former OWASP India Leader

  • Key Domains

    • Cyber Crime Investigations
    • Social Media Crime Investigations
    • Financial Fraud Detection and Prevention
    • Cyber Crime & Security Awareness
    • Researches on Emerging & Latest Threats
    • Cyber Security Career Guidance
    • Penetration Testing
    • Parenting with Netizens
    • Child Safety, CSAM
    • Cyber Crime Investigations
    • Dark Web Analysis
    • Cyber Terrorisism
    • Human Trafficking
    • Combating Cyber Extortion/Bullying
    • Sextortion
    • Advanced Training with Kali Linux
    • OSINT
    • Ethereum Technology
    • Cryptocurrencies such as Ether & Bitcoin
    • BlockChain Technology
    • Cyber Security Talks, Workshop Trainings & Security Services
    • Invited as Speaker & Trainer by following Governments:
      • 1. Ministry of IT&C, Chelyabinsk Region, Government of Russia
      • 2. Ministry of IT&E, Government of India
      • 3. Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Sri Lanka
      • 4. Ministry of IT, Government of Uttar Pradesh

    I have ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY against Cyber Crimes against women and children!Don't be a cyber victim, be a warrior!


    If you are victim to any kind of Cyber Crime, do not hesitate to contact me.

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